A quick hello


It has been a whirlwind of a month; the cold frosty mornings are no longer around and the sun pours through the bedroom in the most beautiful shades of spring. The camping trip to Yellingup for a weekend getaway was a great success, though oddly, I fell to a case of the flu a week afterwards – dizzy spells and pounding head aches led me to many days in bed to recover. What a strange feeling it was, to have no choice but to rest with work cancelled for the week. But at least it was time well spent – happily rewatched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

All better and ready to face work again, I have since been swamped with numerous choral works to learn, timetables to juggle and too little time left over to enjoy the beauty that comes from the first breath of Spring. But as it is for all, suppose we should seize all opportunities that life presents us and indulge in those small but precious moments – lingering in a hug, the laughter of a little one or the stillness of the morning air before the rush of a busy day. Today is a quick hello but hopefully will lead to a stream of posts and bursts of inspiration.

Hope that you are all having a splendid week.


Image by Belgrave Crescent



Dinner + Menulog

On a cold winter’s evening, after a long day of teaching little ones the art of the piano, the wind was howling and the rain ever so persistent. Feeling content lounging beneath a mountain of blankets, I was honestly too exhausted to leave the warmth behind and conjure up some dinner for J and I. On any other night, we would have ducked down to the local Italian restaurant to order a few gourmet pizzas or pick up some Japanese from our favourite sushi bar but with the weather as it was, we decided to indulge a bit and have our dinner delivered instead.

Menulog is one of Australia’s biggest sites for ordering food for a night in and is a big supporter of local businesses. As a keen supporter of local restaurants and cafes, placing an order with Menulog seemed like a natural step. Looking through the database of local restaurants, we settled on a small family owned Italian restaurant, Pasta Fiesta, a place we’ve passed by on so many occasions but hadn’t yet had the chance to try out. With such a chill in the air, we had our minds set on a robust meal so decided on the Tortellini Romana (beef filled tortellini with tomato sauce) and Fettucine Inverno (chicken + pesto + avocado – J’s favourite). As a bonus for ordering over $30.00, Pasta Fiesta offered us a free portion of garlic bread, which was most welcome.


When our meal arrived, not only was it done so promptly, it was steaming hot and came just as the sky opened up and the rain poured out – perfect timing for a hot meal. The garlic bread was generously seasoned and moist, the tortellini well balanced with the creamy tomato sauce, and fettucine, a perfect marriage between chicken, pesto and avocado. All in all, our venture into online ordering was a success and we would gladly do it again.

LonelyCity.Menulog02 LonelyCity.Menulog03

Hope that you’re staying nice and warm (if you’re going through the cold weather of winter) and that you’re having a splendid day.


(Photos by Luke Klingenberg for Lonely City. This post was sponsored by Menulog; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own)



In a few weeks time, a small group of close friends and I will be heading to the glorious south of Perth for a weekend of camping. With it being winter, there will be thick cable knits and warm woollen scarves with a touch of cashmere to keep it soft, a mix between the cozy wraps to keep the chill away in the evening and a baker boy hat for morning trips into the woods (more like the lush wine regions of the south). Though the nights will be cold, it will be filled with gatherings around the fire as we share stories known to very few; and amongst all that, laughter will ring true as the flames dance in the winter night.

Daydreaming of the getaway aside, here are five things that belong on a winter camping trip:


A parka to keep the warmth in and the rain out


A carry-all for all your gear.


A moka pot – an absolute essential


Cable knit pull over for those chilly mornings


And lastly, your most trusted pair of boots.

Hope you’ve had a lovely start to the week.


Top image from lookbook of Spanish brand Nice Things by Paloma S. (via Kittenhood)

a fresh start


Life seems to have caught me up in a furious whirlwind of activity and as a result, the past few months have left this small blog looking a bit sparse. But after a long leave of unnotified absence, it is now time for me to get back on board with writing.  The recent months have unveiled to me that balance in the everyday clockwork of life is so very important;  work, play, and love – it is all a delicate balance. Before I disappear to run a few errands on this sunny winter’s day, I leave you with a few notes that I have picked up over the recent months:

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Hope you’re having a splendid day.


image: Alaina Kaczmarski’s beautiful apartment via the everygirl

happy monday


All too quickly, the weekend has come and gone. The warm autumn days started with coffee, always coffee, accompanied by soft boiled eggs with toast, leading to light lunches out on the porch. Then in the evening, a robust dinner of lasagna followed by a get together in the far hills for the most beautiful night of stargazing. Plush blankets were laid out, sweet drinks passed around and magnificent telescopes were set up. There was a glimpse of Jupiter and its three moons neatly lined up in a row, the magic of the Milky Way, and all this was topped off by my first spotting of a shooting star.

Hope you all had a romantic weekend.


Image via style me pretty

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a few photography tips


A few weeks ago, I was asked by the sweet Raychael of Agent Mystery Case to guest post on photography. So if you’re curious on how you could improve your photos (whether for your blog or to simply capture life’s precious moments) and get a few tips, please do go and have a look around Agent Mystery Case.

Just on an end note, I would love to know what you think about the post? And also, if there any other blogging tips or posts which you would like me to do a feature on? It would be such a delight to hear from all my treasured readers!

Hope you’re having a sublime day.


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a touch of whimsy

As I’m still in the process of outfitting my studio with clever prints, I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect amount whimsy balanced with the right dose of wit. lordampersand.pins

Now wouldn’t these be a wise choice?

one | My Cape by Garance Doré
two | Mr Ampersand by Quill and Fox {or}
three | Bobby Pins by Rifle Paper Co.

Which one do you like best?


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a nod to times past + a touch of shine


Upon looking into a restaurant in the bustling city center of Perth, I came across the details for this beautiful home on Hardiman Street, Melbourne, developed by ODR artichects for LifeSpaceJourney.


With open spaced rooms abundant with natural light, the sparsely decorated white walls are the perfect backdrop for sculptures and art installations.


Classic filament lighting with Edison era globes give a stern nod to the cottage’s Victorian heritage.


Black painted door knobs recycled into a coat rack are perfectly juxtaposed with the grand front door, and I must say, that sure is a striking golden entrance.

Hope you’re having a sweet day.


Images via freshome

* Original article featured in Monument magazine: The Past is Present

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happy weekend


And oh, how the weekend is already here. Does it seems like the days are flying past us or is it just me? The last time I thought about it, I was lazing about on my front porch enjoying my long summer holiday. And yet to think that in two weeks, we are halfway through the first school term. New York and London fashion week have flown by and Autumn is soon upon us (hooray! I’ve had enough of Perth’s stifling heat and humidity). But before the weekend is over, here are a few weekend links:

(clockwise, from top left)
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two | chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, need I say more?
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four | a natural scrub with four simple ingredients
five | what beautiful floors!
six | a citrus wreath, such a different but clever gift

Happy weekend!


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postcards for ants


And for today, just a small treasure to share whilst I’m still running behind in so many projects, something whimsical and sweet – beautiful creations in the most minute size ever, all by the talented Lorraine Loots.



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Images: cape wheel | pinecones | hat | cape wagtail (by Lorraine Loots via a pair of pears)

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