Allow me to introduce myself


Over the past few sunny days days, I have looked back through my recent posts and have come to the realisation that over the course of a few months, I have deviated from the main purpose of writing this blog – bringing Perth’s amazing culture and businesses into the spotlight and showcasing all that this city has to offer. Instead, I find that it has begun to look a minute version of many fashion/inspiration blogs that I follow, not that there is anything wrong with that (those elegant blogs are like the newspaper to me – it’s there that I can indulge in the pretty things in life).

Not only that, when I first began this blog, I was unsure of how much I wanted to display myself – is it wise to disclose my name to the public or should I blog under an alias? And thus began The Fine Duchess and her Spectacular Life. And how did I come up with such an absurd and slightly outdated name, you may ask. My perception of a duchess was of one who lived in the Elizabethan era. Her role in society: not only was she is a supporter of all the arts and notable charities, she also led an elegant life filled with grand dinner parties and elegant masquerades. But on comparison, the only thing in common with a fine duchess and myself are our support of the arts. And so I have decided to strip back all that is irrelevant and present myself as who I am and what I stand for (so here it goes):

Hello there! My name is Thi Randall. What an odd name you say? I whole heartedly agree. I am actually Vietnamese-Chinese (hence the slightly exotic first name) whilst my dear husband is an American. I am a pianist that has ended up specialising in conducting and working with little humans.


So that’s the story. If you’re still reading, well done. You deserve a gold star. On your nose. Just kidding, that’s what I say to the little humans that I teach to keep things light hearted; you can stick it on your shirt.

Now that all has been confessed, we can continue our exploration of art and design and uncover the gems that the lonely city of Perth has to offer.

Hope you all have a fantastic day filled with all the good things in life.