postcards for ants


And for today, just a small treasure to share whilst I’m still running behind in so many projects, something whimsical and sweet – beautiful creations in the most minute size ever, all by the talented Lorraine Loots.



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Images: cape wheel | pinecones | hat | cape wagtail (by Lorraine Loots via a pair of pears)

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A bit of science


Today, let us begin with a bit of inspiration of the scientific sorts. Majestic antlers, paper thin feathers, sparkling gems and delicate butterflies. These posters by Jessica Rose of Vol. 25 are simply lovely and would be perfect on my walls.

antlerstudy.vol25 featherpatterns.vol25 minerals&gems.vol25

Wishing you a lovely day and hope that you had a relaxing weekend.


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Create Your Own Wall Gallery


What could be a better way to display your photos of those precious moments or to exhibit someone’s proud artwork than to lay them out on a wide span of space and create your own gallery wall. Or as the image above shows, you don’t even need to have many images for the gallery walls – inspirational quotes work just as well. Perhaps this would be a fun weekend project for the family. For some tips on how to create your own gallery wall (such as consistency in frames or perhaps even a colour that runs the artwork), do head over to Design Crush. It is quite a good read for those who are up to the project.


(I love how the gallery is not all hung up but instead sits on the shelves or leans against the wall)



Hope you’re having a delightful day.


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Cafe + Gallery in Perth


As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of art; even if I don’t understand it, I am often still intrigued and will often strive to see the artwork from the perspective of the artist. In the past few years, quite a few cafes with adjoining galleries have popped up all over the city. What could be more perfect than good art and delicious food to indulge in? Here are a few favourites of mine:

Venn Gallery
With old chemistry bottles lining the shelf, distressed original brick walls and a newly opened laneway filled with beautiful and cleverly selected greenery, Venn would be the perfect place for a lazy Sunday afternoon spent in the gallery, followed by some gourmet food and coffee at their bar+cafe.
YarraVega.Diamante del Norte 2013
Address: 16 Queen Street, PERTH WA
Current exhibition: New World Order, featuring new work by Tom Mùller (Perth), Yarra Vega (New York) and Augustyn Schwarzwald (Berlin). Exhibition ends 4 October 2013.

Just before seeing a show down the road at the State Theatre, why not stop in to Bivouac for some tasty morsels or some good wine to begin the evening on a good note. While you’re there, don’t forget about the art displayed on the walls. If any of them take your fancy, you might just be able to take it home with you.

Address: 198 William Street, NORTHBRIDGE WA
Current exhibition: Found and Saw by Jessica Wyld. Exhibition ends 19th October 2013.

Moana Project Space
If you’re in the city and looking to take a break, why not head to Moana Cafe, situated upstairs in the Moana Chambers. Enjoy a cup of smooth coffee (with beans by Five Senses) as you sit back and relax amidst the backdrop of beautifully detailed plastered walls, rich jarrah accents and the quite hum of the city below you. If you aren’t in a rush, don’t forget to take a peek at the artwork on show in the gallery below

Address: 618 Hay Street, PERTH WA
Current exhibition: The Aesthetics of Disengagement, a series of “meditations on boredom, communicational rupture, anxiety, loss of pleasure, withdrawal; the withering of oneʼs capacity to remember and project, to dream, desire, and fantasize.” Exhibition ends 28 September


Anna Walker


Loving these whimsical illustrations by Melbourne illustrator Anna Walker. I first spotted her work as I was taking a student back to their class from a piano lesson, a beautiful poster hung up on the library wall, ignored by many who passed by. But not me. Making a mental note, I finally have the chance to look through her folio, from the quaint little illustrations to her clever books. For more information, please do visit her website.




Do you know of any other illustrators? If you have any in mind, do let me know. I’d be very interested to look into them.

-The Fine Duchess

All image credits go to Anna Walker.

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…am absolutely loving the simplicity of the works by Melbourne artist, Miso, as a part of her exhibition Everywhere I Have Been. The exhibition features works on paper which have been pin pricked to result in a beautiful image.




With everything stripped back to the bare minimum, it is so delicate and calm, allowing us a glimpse into what the artist may have perceived at the time of the event or inspiration.

For more details, visit Miso’s site or perhaps even read an interview with her.

All images by MiCK Gallery

Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond

Picasso.ViolinAndGrapesPablo Picasso: Violin and Grapes

On a cloudy afternoon, the Duke and I finally took a trip to the Art Gallery of WA and paid a visit to fantastic exhibition in town, Van Gogh, Dalí and Beyond. These were a few of our favourites:

Pierre Roy: Daylight Savings Time

JeanMetzinger.LandscapeJean Metzinger: Landscape

Salvador Dalí: Illuminated Pleasures

Salvador Dalí: Debris of an Automobile, Giving Birth To A Blind Horse Biting a Telephone

The last work by Dalí really is something, isn’t it. And the title is quite the mouthful too! I’m rather fascinated at how so many things are occurring all at the same time and yet they all work well together. What do you think? Maybe a bit too dark to sit in the living room?

Hope you’re having a good start to the new week.

-The Fine Duchess

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